28. Angela Estrada

        Volunteer for neighbor to neighbor (Worcester)

        “Harriette Chandler is concerned about the poor in our community. She is determined to help people improve their lives through education and employment so that everyone will have a chance to succeed.”

        2. Louis J Cornachioli,

        MTA Union Representative in Worcester

        "Senator Chandler has been a true friend of our schools, our teachers, our children and their parents. She understands how important education is  for everyone."


       18. Michael Donahue

        Former County Treasurer of Worcester County

        Chair and CEO of the Worcester Regional Retirement System        

        "I've known Harriette Chandler for years. She's smart. She's determined. And she's a problem solver who never disappoints."

        21. Gary Vecchio

        Retired Teacher and President of the Shrewsbury Street Neighborhood Association

        "Harriette Chandler knows about and cares about every neighborhood in her district. She is always there to help solve a problem."


        39. Garie Morgenstern Stein and Howard Stein

        “Harriette Chandler is always there to speak up for older citizens. She got them the circuit breaker on their taxes and she helped seniors get the expanded dental coverage they need to stay healthy.”


        31. Rachel Henry

        "I like Harriette Chandler's spirit. She is a can-do woman who gives us all encouragement and support in good times and bad."

        15. Leonard Ciuffredo

        Electrician at Caughlin Electric

        "Senator Chandler takes the time to know what matters to each neighborhood in her district and responds to their needs to make them better."

        8. Brenda Jenkins

        President of Mosaic

        "Senator Chandler brings people together to find solutions to the problems we face.  We are grateful for her tireless efforts and continued support."

        23. Dean Fisher


        "Senator Chandler works hard to ensure our veterans will not be forgotten on Beacon Hill.  She is a true friend to veterans and their families."

        3. Bob Stacey

        Attorney at Law 

        "Senator Chandler's hard work has earned everyone's respect. She is a true leader who has used her office to make our communities better."

        34. Linda McGill

        District 4 Administrator for Little League Baseball and Softball

        "Harriette Chandler has not only sponsored many youth sports teams for years, she is our greatest fan!"


         11. Ginger Navikous

        Arts Worcester

        "Senator Chandler has been in the forefront on women's issues. And we appreciate her efforts to solve homelessness in our area."

        17. Katherine Davitt

        "Harriette Chandler's efforts to make every community more accessible for the disabled, handicapped and elderly citizens has made a difference in many lives."

        13. Olga Lopez-Hill

        Worcester County Development Center and You Inc.

        "Sen. Chandler connects with young people in our neighborhood, always encouraging and helping them strive for excellence."

        6. Edward Pietrewicz

        Retired firefighter and president of the retired firefighters and police union

        "Men and women who work in public safety know Harriette Chandler very well.  She is a proven friend who supports them and their efforts to make our communities safer."

        38. Linda Cavaioli

        Executive Director, YWCA

        "Harriette Chandler has been a champion for girls and young women. She has opened so many windows of opportunity for them in education and in the workplace. And she has worked to protect them from being abused."

        25. Edmond McGovern


        "Again and again and again Harriette Chandler has stepped up for education and to support teachers and the important job they do."

        73. Congressman Jim McGovern

        "Harriette Chandler's extraordinary energy, dedication and experience have paid dividends for the communities in her district,..I love Harriette Chandler because she is on the right side of the issues that mean the most to the people she represents."

        36: Ryan Dailey: 

        "It's hard to make ends meet on minimum wage jobs. I appreciate Sen. Chandler's work to get the minimum wage raised."

        5: Dorothy Hargrove: 

        “Harriette Chandler is a force for good in our community. She gives her time and efforts to many groups to make life better for the people in her district. She cares about people and it shows.”

        33: Edward Bourgault: 

        "Sen. Chandler understands the importance of building a strong economy through business development and innovative growth. As our Senator, she has been part of achieving both in our area."

        75: Peggy Middaugh: 

        “Harriette Chandler helped so much on the Worcester Tree Initiative...not only to secure funding for the new trees but to pitch in planting them, too. She puts actions to words and gets things done.”

        14: Rick Miller:

        "I support Senator Chandler because of her strong and consistent support for Worcester parks and green spaces."

        20: Vincent Perone: 

        "Sen. Chandler shows true respect for our veterans through her actions to ensure every veteran and their family receive the honor and benefits they have earned."

65: Cunningham Linford

“I support Senator Harriette Chandler for Senate first and foremost for what I recognize as her dedication to serving her state and her community. Secondly, I hold a special place in my heart towards the Senator because as a member of the LGBT community and someone who arrived here in Worcester and filed for asylum I have always enjoyed the support and encouragement provided by Senator Chandler.”

19: Sammy Chen

Waiter at Red Pepper Restaurant

“Sen. Chandler has fought to raise the minimum wage. She fights for workers like me and it makes a difference.”

24: Ellen Barry

“Sen. Chandler has been a strong advocate for public higher education in Worcester including the UMass Medical School.”

48: Mike Barney

Director of Mass Academy of Math and Science at WPI (Worcester)

“Senator Chandler has been a true champion for STEM education in Worcester and all across the Commonwealth.  Her support and advocacy in this important area is invaluable.”

        4: Mary Knittle

Director of Energy Resources for community action council, Worcester Tree Intiative and teacher

        “Harriette Chandler worked side by side with us to restore the trees to our city...she is always there to help find solutions to serious problems.”

52: Joseph Pagano

Pagano Media Advertising Agency

“During "Vote No Slots" initiative, Senator Chandler was the 1st elected official to stand with us.”

37: Cindy Nguyen

     Holy Cross Student and Community Garden Advocate

     “Sen. Chandler sets a good example. I applaud her personal efforts in creating community gardens. They are a welcome resource in an urban setting.”

     76: Joanne Columbo

     Resident of Our Lady of Mount Carmel apartments and volunteer who helped to beautify the pocket park

     “Harriette Chandler has helped clean up and beautify the city with her hands-on support for pocket park plantings.”

     30: Rosemary Foley

     Nurse (Worcester)

     “Harriette Chandler's mother was a nurse. She has shown special concern for the women and men who provide health care in all of our medical facilities.”

50: David Coyne

Director of Hillel at Clark University

“Senator Chandler is smart, hardworking, in touch with her constituents, and very effective. She has earned the respect of her colleagues. That in turn has put her in a key leadership role in the State Senate where she is even more able to influence the direction of our commonwealth through budgetary priorities and on other issues of policy.”

16: Winifred Octave


“Sen. Chandler cares about kids and is a strong ally for parents who want to make their neighborhoods safer and their schools better.”

29: Dirk Baker

WSU Baseball Coach

“Sen. Chandler is the main reason we have a field at Worcester State University and thousands of kids now play there.”

74: State Rep. Jim O'Day

"She's a leader who ensures that the concerns of Central Massachusetts communities are heard at the State House, Make no mistake about it, the labor  candidate in this election is Harriette Chandler who is always there for working people."

54: Surindar Paracer

Professor Emertius Biology

“I am supporting her candidacy for all of the work she has done for the people of Central Massachusetts. She has been a great supporter of public education.”

32: Joseph Petty

Mayor of Worcester

“Harriette Chandler is a very strong ally for Worcester in the State Senate. She has used her leadership position to bring attention and assistance to the city and towns she represents.”

        22. Carol Thompson

        Psychologist (Worcester)

        “I am so proud to have Senator Chandler representing me at the State House.  She stands up for what she believes, and in doing so is a powerful example to women and girls throughout Massachusetts.”